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During their time on the Moon, John Young and Charlie Duke performed three Moonwalks, where they explored the Moon's surface both on foot and using the Lunar Roving Vehicle (Lunar Rover). Meanwhile, Ken Mattingly remained in lunar orbit, performing experiments and taking photos of the Moon's surface.

First view seen by John Young and Charlie Duke out the Lunar Module window, after landing on the Cayley Plain, in the Descartes Highlands region of the Moon.

Image credits: Apollo 16, NASA.

Charlie Duke collecting lunar rock samples beside Plum Crater.

Charlie Duke working beside the lunar rover, not far from the Lunar Module.

Charlie Duke by the Lunar Rover near North Ray Crater.

Charlie Duke left this photo of his family on the surface of the Moon, as a testament to his visit.

Click on the "Charlie Duke" button, to learn more about the 10th man to walk on the Moon.

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