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The Universe is really big!! In fact, there are no words which adequately describe the enormity of the Universe. Gargantuan may be a useful word to try and convey the massiveness of all creation, but still, it falls short. The images below show the structure of the Universe as we understand it. The Earth is at the heart of all we know and all that is familiar. The Earth is a planet orbiting the Sun within the Solar System. The Sun is a star along with several other stars within the Solar Interstellar Neighborhood. In turn our Neighborhood of stars is just a tiny part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our Galaxy is part of a Local Cluster of Galaxies, which is itself, a part of the Virgo Supercluster of Galaxies. This Supercluster is just one of several Local Superclusters, which is a miniscule part of the Observable Universe. Click on the links below, to learn more about each of these objects within the Universe. Image credit: Andrew Z Colvin.

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