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Eris has such a long orbital period (year), that it won't again make its closest approach to the sun until approximately the year 2257.

Eris with its moon Dysnomia.

Image credit: Hubble Space Telescope, ESA/NASA.

Eris Facts

Diameter: 2,326 kilometres, or 1,445 miles

Distance from the Sun: 10,166,000,000 (10 billion, 166 million kilometres), or 6,317,000,000 miles (6 billion, 317 million miles)

Rotation period (day): 25.9 Earth hours

Orbital period (year): 558.04 Earth years or 203,830 Earth days

Approximate minimum surface temperature: -243 degrees Celsius, or -405 degrees Fahrenheit

Approximate maximum surface temperature: -218 degrees Celsius, or - 360 degrees Fahrenheit

Moons: Dysnomia

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