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Mars has a distinct red colour, which is due to the high concentration of iron-oxide (rust) on the surface.

Mars has polar ice-caps made primarily of carbon dioxide ice, unlike Earth's polar ice-caps, which are made of water ice.

Image credit: Rosetta, ESA.

Mars Facts

Diameter: 6,780 kilometres, or 4,213 miles

Axial tilt: 25.2 degrees

Minimum surface temperature: -143 degrees Celsius, or -226 degrees Fahrenheit

Maximum surface temperature: 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit

Distance from the Sun: 227,939,200 kilometres (227 million, 939 thousand, 200 kilometres), or 141,635,000 miles (141 million, 635 thousand miles)

Rotation period (day): 24.6 Earth hours

Orbital period (year): 687 Earth days

Moons: Phobos (Mars I) and Deimos (Mars II)

This spectacular image from the surface of Mars, shows Mount Sharp from inside Gale Crater.

Image credit: Curiosity Rover, NASA.

Mars has two Moons, Phobos and Deimos. Here the wispy atmosphere of Mars can be seen, along with the moon Phobos.

Image credit: Mangalyaan, ISRO.

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